3 empowering solutions for self-destructive Sundays

There are some days when we just want to pig out and become one with the couch. Sometimes its even good for us to give the daily grind a rest and just…chill. So good.

But some of those days we go overboard – its not longer restorative, its degenerative.

We stuff ourselves, get lost on facebook, compulsively watch TV shows, and maybe have a pity party or just try to numb ourselves out.
There is a way to turn those days around, or at least, to soften the blow.

1. keep drinking WATER.

Even if you are eating your ho-hos, and the nacho chips, and drinking a root beer – KEEP DRINKING THE WATER. fill up a cup, right now, and start yer slurpin’!

  •  it will dilute the salt, sugar, fat, toxin load on your body – giving it a leg up on cleansing and rebalancing.
  •  it might just be that one act that connects you back to your true self and gives you that aha-moment of “oh, maybe i’m done with the Doritos.”

2. do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight.

Ok, i get it – some days the daunting idea of doing 60 minutes of cardio just doesn’t rev one’s engine. and thats cool too. we aren’t robots. but, there’s nothing stopping you from doing a little movement. just cause you don’t want to go the whole 9 yards, don’t cheat yourself out of going just 9 steps.

do a little dance.

  • put on your fav song and just DANCE – right where you are, right as you are. if you want to raise the stakes, groove to another song, or two.

go for a walk.

  • chances are, you might already be in some comfy clothes. depending on the season, either just slip on some flippy-floppies or a big puffy jacket and get your tuchus out on the block. that’s right. be cool like that. and put one foot in front of the other till you did something crazy – like walked around the block. no one’s asking for a triathlon here. just a little fresh air. It will help with digestion, and the fresh air will help you refresh yourself.

if you’ve got someone to get jiggy with…

  • what are you waiting for? it *does* count as exercise.

3. Forgive Yourself. 

Yup, you feeling guilty and ashamed about what you’re up to only makes it worse.

Guilt and Shame will open that 2nd bag of Doritos, and guzzle it down too – because thats what they do.

It ain’t their fault – they’re born that way. But you’re not – you are beautiful and perfect – even if  you’ve forgotten that, today. Maybe you’re having an indulgent day, and you feel like your guts might explode inside you, and its going against your weight loss plans.

You are still a wonderful, lovable person – and deserve your own love and compassion.

  •  forgiveness is the path to freedom. It sets us free from our own inner critic and inner judge – who hang out all thug-like with baseball bats casually swinging in their hands – menacing and analyzing every move. You can fire them. Yup, you are in charge. You can tell them to go take a vacation, or seriously just retire. 
  •  once you’ve let go of guilt and shame, you no longer have to hide from yourself and its easier to step out of the self-destructive vortex. Its easier to get “back on the horse.” Its easier to take that walk, or have that drink of water, or do that dance, or make some love. My spidey-senses say its got something to do with a rebalancing of your ego. When you are forgiven – you have nothing to prove, nothing to hide, nothing to defend…NOTHING TO RUN INTO THE DONUT BOX FROM. And proving, hiding, and defending is the job of a disbalanced ego.

There you go! You can be back on track! If you need extra support, shoot me a message (click Connect on the Top Menu).

I believe in you! YOU CAN DO IT.

All the love in the world!

Coach ;)

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nature's bounty

3 Reasons To Chomp on Fruits and Veggies

Down here on planet Earth, we all have Free Will Choice. That means, you are in charge of your life.
You get to CHOOSE what you will eat for every single meal of every single day.

I choose to  eat nature’s bounty in its natural form! And I invite you to join me!

Why would you eat “Nature’s Bounty”?

a) because you want to be a bounty hunter
b) because you don’t know how good Doritos taste
c) because you love perfection

The Answer Is C. The love for THE PERFECT. And you’re about to find out what that means in a whole new way!

I can’t FORCE you to do anything (too bad), but I can give you three darn good reasons to  eat more fruits and veggies!


1. they’re PERFECT!

Fruits and veggies are perfect.  You see, friends, nature doesn’t make mistakes. Nature is actually…perfect. Its always in balance and has no ego-complex to distract it from creating straight up, godly, perfection. Nature’s food is going to have everything you need in it – all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and feel-good-vibes. You don’t have to do much thinking – its already been done. AND SO WELL, at that! So,  if you’re a lover of this divine, delicious  natural food  - you’re a perfectionist too!

We humans are fabulous – I LOVE humans – but we do not create perfection at the same rate, level, and expertise as nature does.

So would you rather eat an apple from the master-mind of all living creation, or a cornflake made by a human who also feels obligations to profit, packaging, market-competition, transportation, shelf-life, and a list of other distractions?

2. they gets you HIGH!

When you eat living things, your body starts to feel more alive.

It has less work to do. And your mind is clearer and freer to do the things you love in life. Procrastination goes down. Sloth goes down. Depression goes down. Vitality goes up. Mood goes up. Empowerment goes up. Freedom to give and receive love goes UP! Your life will go higher and higher on sprouted greens and peaches than it will *ever* go on processed foods or soda pop. (not to mention the GMO and pesticide crisis).

3. because BOOBS ARE GREAT!

HUH? ok – give me a chance to explain.
Our bodies are made by nature. We ARE nature. You can say she is our mother. So she knows how to feed us. Its that simple. The same way you need nothing more than your mama’s milk as a wee-babe,

Mother Nature becomes our mama even more profoundly when we grow up a little.

Nature’s bounty is the breast milk of adult life. So eat fruits and veggies – Go for the titties, kiddies!

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 2.17.35 PM

Now that we’ve got our 3 reasons – you might be

feeling like, “Yeaaa, but i still don’t like eating steamed broccoli.”

I’ll tell you a secret, *nor do I*.
There are so many delicious fun creative ways to eat your veggies…

and its ok if you don’t know them yet, because thats what Coach A is here for!

If you’re ready to nourish your body and need some creative inspiration – I GOTCHU COVERED! For example, if you want to be healthy, eat clean, and STILL get those comfort flavors….

you can try ChickPea Fries


Coach A

I Hug Trees

I hug trees, because they’re always ready.
Arms open.
Love flowing.

I hug trees cause they feel so good in my arms.

I hug trees because its a moment of calm and peace.

I hug trees because it helps me connect back to myself.

I hug trees because its hilarious. and it makes me laugh.
especially when people pass me by and look amused by this
random girl they see whos not paying attention to the rules
of our “normal” society.

I hug trees because I tried it once,
and it felt so good!

Will you hug a tree with me, in your corner of the planet, today?


Wash All The Stress Away (literally)

Have some fun in the sun this spring season! Get your  yoga on and get your goofy on!

Your physical health is related to your vibration.

If you are vibrating at 1000, and a disease is vibrating at 400, it can’t touch you. If you let your vibration sink to 400, or 359, well then guess what – you’re disease-fodder. Whether it be an emotional and mental disease, like depressive moods, or physical illness, like a cold, the rule applies. You can read all about this in an amazing book called The Secret Life of Plants! 

Thus, you CAN and should determine your vibration, and when it’ so easy and fun, why not?!

One of the easiest ways is movement. Movement shifts things around physically, and energetically. It’s the ideal way to improve your own experience of your energy.

Just remember to add in the secret ingredient of play.


Coach A

water yoga wave

Slutty Veganasaurus Rex

“Dear World…Who Am I?”, said the confused little eater one night. 

“Last month i only ate plant food. 
Today, i wanted an omelette – and i ate it. 
Tomorrow, i think i might have some fish.” 

In innocent curiosity, our dear protagonist wondered…”Am i a vegan? Am i a vegetarian? Am I an omnivore?”.
Becoming aware of the free flowing relationships with these categories for the first time, the question arose…”Am I a fraud?” 

The little eater went to bed with one big question that night. “Who am I?” 

Hello Hello Hello, Dear Reader and Eater!

I’d like to talk to you about your identity, in relationship to food.
I will offer my personal experience to illuminate a point here.

  • You see, at the moment, I am a “Vegan-tarian”. I just made that word up. Why? Because when i tell people i’m vegan, and actually eat that way strictly – and suddenly one day they see me eat a piece of buttered popcorn at the movies, or a bite of challah at Shabbat, or my shamelessly forgiving attitude towards the minor sprinkle of parmesan that accidentally made its way onto my salad at a restaurant – THEY WANT TO GIVE ME THE STANK EYE!

“oh no she didnt! she’s a vegan! thats not allowed! what a food-slut!”

and that is …*snooty voice here* terribly unacceptable, dahling. 

So why am i sharing all this? 

Because i’d like to inspire you to get your “I dont give a sh*t” on, and fearlessly label and re-label and un-label yourself as you please. 

today you’re vegan. tomorrow you’re paleo. next week you’re fasting. next month you’re nothing in particular. next year, you’re just you – and people gotta deal with it.

“wait, wait!” – the crowd cries!
“but you’re not allowed to just change your mind like that! you must sit in these label-boxes, like its your job. If you change all the time, you must not be a serious or committed person.”


i’m here to tell you, NO NO NO NO, you absolutely DONT need to subscribe to that kind of thinking.
If you need someone’s permission to do whatever-the-FriedPlantains you want, and not feel guilty…well, now you’ve got mine.

It does not make you food slutty, or not-serious, or too whimsical or whatever comment someone may have for you if you eat in a way that is reflective of your body’s unique needs. Honor your deep recognition that your needs for optimum health and happiness are a dynamic, ever-changing set of requirements that fluctuate with all kinds of factors over time (like season, environment, fitness level etc).

Your Diet IS NOT A RELIGION OR A MONOGAMOUS MARRIAGE OR A  BLOOD OATH. be free, young grasshopper, be free!

You know what you can remember? Haters Gonna Hate. SO, let them do that, and smile. Cause it aint about you, really. Its mostly about what you are reflecting to them about themselves, which they are uncomfortable with. They probably really need your compassion more than you need their approval. 


Have you had any crazy stories about people telling you what you should or should not eat OR be nasty about your shameless commitment to being authentic rather than dogmatic? Share in the comments below! 

PlantBased+ Healthy Comfort Food: ChickPea Fries

Hello Darlings!

I’m really digging chicks these days….
CHICKPEAS, obviously, you nerds! As if hummus and falafel weren’t enough chickpea madness, I had to have the fries too. And now I’ve GOT to share them with you!

Why Do You Need Chickpea Fries in Your Life?

Because when you are eating a healthy, vegan, or  gluten free diet you WILL crave comfort food.

It could be “one of those days” or that time of the month or no obvious reason.
And what are you going to do?
Will you truly be seduced into believing that the only way to meet your cravings is by “falling off the horse” and eating (gasp) processed sugar or something deep fried in crap-quality, rancid oil?

What if i told you, that you can meet all your needs in a HEALTHY way without compromising any fun or flavor?

What if i told you that a good helping of comfort foods is PART of a healthy diet, and not just on “cheat day” (<– why would you call it that anyways?) You don’t have to “CHEAT”  - you can bring it into the light, do it openly, proudly, and without consequences. It can be GOOD FOR YOU, and make you feel, look, think, act, love, everything BETTER!

One of the Coach Antonia Principles is that you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to being healthy. There is no empirical need to suffer or be boring.

You can always be sure to find alternatives in Coach A’s world!  Like these chickpea fries, with the recipe presented in a comic-format below!

Basically, these are the most yummy, easy snacks know to mankind. But they are still so unknown, because i haven’t seen many a gal or guy making them yet! Unless you happen to hit up www.peacefoodcafe.com in NYC – where you can try the OV (original version) that inspired my own experimentation!

So, you and I, we’re gonna walk the vegan plank together, and jump into the golden deliciousness of Chickpea Fries.

I’ve done it a few times myself with a little loving help in the kitchen from a magical friend of mine and …so easy! Presto. Viola. Enjoy.

If you need to reference a written out, classic recipe for guidance, a good one is here!
Keep in mind that they suggest frying, while the Coach Antonia version bakes them – to keep it cleaner and leaner!

disclaimer: chickpea fries are addictively delicious.