Welcome to the Wonderful and Wickedly Wild World of *Green Juice*!!!!! here’s a DIY introductory video on the art of making gob-smacking whole greens into juicy juicy juice. join the healthy, raw, organic fun with Coach Antonia!

Basic Green Juice Recipe

1 large cucumber
1 stalk celery
1 head of lettuce

2 large green apples
1 pear

1 knob ginger
1 lemon

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 4.58.24 AM

Why Juice(verb)? Well, its super healing. Adding just ONE green juice to your day is already a generous gift to your body.

Its a mini cleanse, a mini detox.

And while eating foods WHOLE is amazing as well, we juice because we can a way bigger dose of the vitamins, and nutrients in general, in one glass of juice. Think about all the greens you’d have to CHEW to get the same amount! Juicing is like the green medicine cabinet – RX.

p.s. Always best when organic.

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