Pulp Fiction

So you juicing a lot of veggies, eh?
Well, what can you do with the pulp?

High Quality HomeMade VEGGIE BROTH


Easy solution:

take the pulp of your VEGETABLES & put it in a pot with clean water
add an onion and a few root veggies (like carrots, turnips).
Boil it shortly. Simmer it for ~15 minutes.

Here’s what I do next:

1) make juice pulp veggie broth
2) make quinoa

3) add them both to a bowl: soup with quinoa. thats the base. then…

4) pimp it with any of the following: add seaweed, salt, pepper, herbs, cilantro, parsley, dill,sauteed mushrooms, other veggies, whatever tickles your tummy!



happy eating!

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