too small to try?


the most important point of learning and studying history – is to notice that we are but one tiny moment in a flowing stream of change, and that our moment is as fluid as any moment before or after us. every structure and power system that seems formal, stable, and permanent is but a mere projection of our collective agreement and belief in its power and meaning.

learning history is not limited to knowing the dates of all the revolutions. it is an act of opening the mind to see the fluidity of time, and in that, the POWER of the present to CREATE. the Power of the individual to PRODUCE – and i use that word because of its highly-charged meaning in our production focused society. we CAN are ARE in fact producing and creating at every moment, and change is constant. there are no structures too powerful to be over-turned, and there is no person to small to participate in the creation(verb) of CREATION(noun).

Unfortunately when we are seduced by a desire for stability above all, it makes it easy for us to gravitate to a power structure – any power structure – granted it has enough power. This happens regardless of whether we would actually agree with what this structure does, means, creates, and represents. We’re caught up. Like being in a bad relationship and not being able to see it or let go. That is why it can be so gratifying to look at history and say “well, why didn’t they just….” or, “if i had been alive then i would have….”. however, when placed in the moment, its much more challenging to step outside of its “gravitational pull” to the existing power structures.

change is happening as we speak, and an important question today is, can we see how we are contributing to it? every choice has an impact, every moment we are choosing something. in order to consciously create and have the chance to live in the world of our choosing, it seems unavoidable to accept responsibility for our choices. until we do that, we can not accept the POWER of our choice. and hence, our choices are running havoc, playing to whatever structures seem the most secure at that moment. it can be true that if we decide to believe that we are CREATING the world we see around us, perpetually, that it can seem like a big, bitter pill to swallow – after all, there are so many things we don’t agree with going on around us. That is why we have to look at the big TRENDS available to us locally and GLOBALLY. To see where we stand in history, and look at the big picture of what has come before us and project what can come after us. History and present trend analysis are important because they identify which movements have the strongest hold today, and we are then able to consciously ALIGN with the one or ones that suit us the most – in our KNOWING. More can be extrapolated from here about the possibility to create new trends. The point being, there is a lot going on, there is a lot of vibration and a lot of energy – we each are all part of it  – like molecules of a wave. The beauty is being able to step back, look at the big picture, and find out how to guide an interdisciplinary set of interactive elements in the society on the local and global level in order to manifest the reality which we want to see – and stand in the power and responsibility that is defined by the act of making a choice, consciously.

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