I Miss You


See you on planet Earth.
I will show up in form as “My Name.”
And you will show up in form as “Your Name.”
And we will meet.
And we will truly believe that we do not know each other.

We will put on our “faces.” We will act awkward. We will play our little games. We will tell each other and ourselves stories about each other and ourselves – which we will then believe.
We will be told stories about what it means to exist, and what it means to be ourselves. And we will believe those too.

You will do things I don’t like, and I will do things you don’t like.
You will look, smell, sound, taste, speak, and represent in ways I don’t like.
I will not remember you. Remember who you truly are.
Because I have forgotten myself. So how could i know  you?

I will judge you, shun you, belittle you, disrespect you, abuse you, ignore you, forget you and reject you. For this is how i treat myself as well.
And you will do the same to me.
I will take it personally. And do the same again to you.

I apologize, for I have forgotten who I am.
That I’ve believed and accepted the stories I’ve been told about who I am, and what life is. What I need to look like. What life needs to look like.

I am here today to remember who I am – and I hope you join me –
so we can recognize each other again. In truth.
In the truth of who we are.
Because I miss you, and I miss myself.
And I cannot know myself without recognizing you.
And I cannot recognize you, until I remember myself.

I love you.

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