Whats For Breakfast MA?

Breakfast. What an important moment of the day.

As we eat, we are welcoming another piece of this earth INTO our own body. I mean, talk about INTIMATE.
So the first time…its gotta be special, right?

Well thats breakfast. That special first time, on that new day. The new day where you can be – do – create – feel – experience – love – and learn whatever you choose. And it all starts with….food.

So if you’re bored of breakfast. Out of ideas. Not eating it at all. Or, need some creative inspiration  – i gotchu covered. covered in green juice and delicious fruit blends! 😉

Here’s what I ate for breakfast today!

            Juice: Celery, Chard, Romaine + Apple, Ginger. 


Meal: Banana (1) with Oranges (3) blended. Poured over Muesli. Topped with raisins. g2g – Good.To.Go 


How long did this all take me? I don’t know, officer, it all happened so fast! :O
For Real now, it takes like 5-10 minutes MAX. 

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