Hummus Hiatus

Whats been good?

I’ve been on a lovely hiatus. Or should i say, Hi I Ate *Oofph!* Specifically, lots of creamy, authentic hummus.

As a Health Coach, I love to inspire and support people in living balanced, sustainable, FUN lives they love – in all areas of life. Likewise, I strive to live a life that’s best suited for my own needs and passions. And one of those passions is Israeli Food.

OH MY HASHEM. I’m hooked!   

On a trip to Israel, I ate hummus and falafel and sabich and, and, and….much much more… like theres no tomorrow. So much Joie De Vivre in every bite.

Now that my trip is over, in order to re-balance myself into my regular eating habits, I’m going to invest a little more energy and attention into cleansing with juice, and getting back into my routine. Looking forward to sharing more healthy, fresh food and juice recipes with you!

hummus time 2.0

I hope to inspire you to see that a healthy, balanced lifestyle has lots of room for fun, and experimentation, and pleasure. Its not about perfectionism and restriction. Eating a giant bowl of hummus late at night with people you love – that can really nourish your soul.

Its ok to take deviations from your over-arching rhythm and routine –  thats part of the balance. Just get back on the horse when you’re ready – and be kind to yourself! I’m currently challenged to eat my regular portion sizes, after eating so many big delicious meals repeatedly. Its a challenge. As I see it, I have two options
1) be mad at myself and yell at myself in my head. aka, “what are you doing! you’re not allowed to make mistakes!”
2) remember to love myself and know that I will get back into my everyday flow soon.

I’ve discovered that loving myself and being nice to myself is 10X more rewarding than eating a perfectly sized plate. And its something that I recommit myself to on a daily basis, as best I can. Not even going to pretend I’m perfect at it. But its been life-changing to learn how its a choice thats always available.

How about you? What does balance look like in your life? How do you treat yourself if you “fall off the horse”? Do you guilt trip yourself about your food choices and attempt to restrict your diet? Do you permit yourself to have a “diverse portfolio” of eating habits, where “fun” is a category? Do you believe that you’re allowed to love yourself unconditionally?


Coach Antonia

p.s. if you’re ever traveling to Tel-Aviv and need some insider suggestions on where to get some goooood gooood grub, shoot me an email. I’m talking really authentic, hole-in-the-wall places with the best darn food and warmest atmosphere. And a few happening spots too. 😉

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