PlantBased+ Healthy Comfort Food: ChickPea Fries

Hello Darlings!

I’m really digging chicks these days….
CHICKPEAS, obviously, you nerds! As if hummus and falafel weren’t enough chickpea madness, I had to have the fries too. And now I’ve GOT to share them with you!

Why Do You Need Chickpea Fries in Your Life?

Because when you are eating a healthy, vegan, or  gluten free diet you WILL crave comfort food.

It could be “one of those days” or that time of the month or no obvious reason.
And what are you going to do?
Will you truly be seduced into believing that the only way to meet your cravings is by “falling off the horse” and eating (gasp) processed sugar or something deep fried in crap-quality, rancid oil?

What if i told you, that you can meet all your needs in a HEALTHY way without compromising any fun or flavor?

What if i told you that a good helping of comfort foods is PART of a healthy diet, and not just on “cheat day” (<– why would you call it that anyways?) You don’t have to “CHEAT”  – you can bring it into the light, do it openly, proudly, and without consequences. It can be GOOD FOR YOU, and make you feel, look, think, act, love, everything BETTER!

One of the Coach Antonia Principles is that you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to being healthy. There is no empirical need to suffer or be boring.

You can always be sure to find alternatives in Coach A’s world!  Like these chickpea fries, with the recipe presented in a comic-format below!

Basically, these are the most yummy, easy snacks know to mankind. But they are still so unknown, because i haven’t seen many a gal or guy making them yet! Unless you happen to hit up in NYC – where you can try the OV (original version) that inspired my own experimentation!

So, you and I, we’re gonna walk the vegan plank together, and jump into the golden deliciousness of Chickpea Fries.

I’ve done it a few times myself with a little loving help in the kitchen from a magical friend of mine and …so easy! Presto. Viola. Enjoy.

If you need to reference a written out, classic recipe for guidance, a good one is here!
Keep in mind that they suggest frying, while the Coach Antonia version bakes them – to keep it cleaner and leaner!

disclaimer: chickpea fries are addictively delicious.


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