Wash All The Stress Away (literally)

Have some fun in the sun this spring season! Get your  yoga on and get your goofy on!

Your physical health is related to your vibration.

If you are vibrating at 1000, and a disease is vibrating at 400, it can’t touch you. If you let your vibration sink to 400, or 359, well then guess what – you’re disease-fodder. Whether it be an emotional and mental disease, like depressive moods, or physical illness, like a cold, the rule applies. You can read all about this in an amazing book called The Secret Life of Plants! 

Thus, you CAN and should determine your vibration, and when it’ so easy and fun, why not?!

One of the easiest ways is movement. Movement shifts things around physically, and energetically. It’s the ideal way to improve your own experience of your energy.

Just remember to add in the secret ingredient of play.


Coach A

water yoga wave

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