3 Reasons To Chomp on Fruits and Veggies

Down here on planet Earth, we all have Free Will Choice. That means, you are in charge of your life.
You get to CHOOSE what you will eat for every single meal of every single day.

I choose to  eat nature’s bounty in its natural form! And I invite you to join me!

Why would you eat “Nature’s Bounty”?

a) because you want to be a bounty hunter
b) because you don’t know how good Doritos taste
c) because you love perfection

The Answer Is C. The love for THE PERFECT. And you’re about to find out what that means in a whole new way!

I can’t FORCE you to do anything (too bad), but I can give you three darn good reasons to  eat more fruits and veggies!


1. they’re PERFECT!

Fruits and veggies are perfect.  You see, friends, nature doesn’t make mistakes. Nature is actually…perfect. Its always in balance and has no ego-complex to distract it from creating straight up, godly, perfection. Nature’s food is going to have everything you need in it – all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and feel-good-vibes. You don’t have to do much thinking – its already been done. AND SO WELL, at that! So,  if you’re a lover of this divine, delicious  natural food  – you’re a perfectionist too!

We humans are fabulous – I LOVE humans – but we do not create perfection at the same rate, level, and expertise as nature does.

So would you rather eat an apple from the master-mind of all living creation, or a cornflake made by a human who also feels obligations to profit, packaging, market-competition, transportation, shelf-life, and a list of other distractions?

2. they gets you HIGH!

When you eat living things, your body starts to feel more alive.

It has less work to do. And your mind is clearer and freer to do the things you love in life. Procrastination goes down. Sloth goes down. Depression goes down. Vitality goes up. Mood goes up. Empowerment goes up. Freedom to give and receive love goes UP! Your life will go higher and higher on sprouted greens and peaches than it will *ever* go on processed foods or soda pop. (not to mention the GMO and pesticide crisis).

3. because BOOBS ARE GREAT!

HUH? ok – give me a chance to explain.
Our bodies are made by nature. We ARE nature. You can say she is our mother. So she knows how to feed us. Its that simple. The same way you need nothing more than your mama’s milk as a wee-babe,

Mother Nature becomes our mama even more profoundly when we grow up a little.

Nature’s bounty is the breast milk of adult life. So eat fruits and veggies – Go for the titties, kiddies!

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 2.17.35 PM

Now that we’ve got our 3 reasons – you might be

feeling like, “Yeaaa, but i still don’t like eating steamed broccoli.”

I’ll tell you a secret, *nor do I*.
There are so many delicious fun creative ways to eat your veggies…

and its ok if you don’t know them yet, because thats what Coach A is here for!

If you’re ready to nourish your body and need some creative inspiration – I GOTCHU COVERED! For example, if you want to be healthy, eat clean, and STILL get those comfort flavors….

you can try ChickPea Fries


Coach A

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