How to Eat SWEET without Sugar

Sweet Tooth got the best of you?
I’ve been there.
I’ll spare you the lecture on the evils of sugar and how its ubiquitous influence is destroying our society.

The bottom line is that the kind of sugar you buy in a store and add to your food is in no way benefiting your mental, emotional, spiritual or physical health.

Yes, it may be a surprise, but you CAN eat TONS of sweet things without added sugar.

No one is asking you to be healthy at the cost of pleasure and satisfaction. Rather, quite the opposite.

You see, when you eat natural and healthy sweeteners, your body enjoys it at the moment of taste, then knows how to process it, and feels good afterwards.

When you eat crap sugar, you will enjoy it at the moment of taste, but then your body will freak out and have some kind of emergency reaction to it, and then you will have a sugar-hangover and your body will feel like crap and start building the kind of fat reserves that you just don’t need. You’ll feel more clouded, hazy, unable to concentrate, and worst of all – you’ll want MORE! That’s right. It will turn you into an addict.

The final straw? Diabetes. And did you know that diabetes might lead you to having a leg amputation? Who wants to intentionally and consciously create that for themselves? Fuuuuuudge that! Its one thing if you didn’t know, but I just told you, so sorry I’m not sorry to be the bearer of this news.


Feeling icky and panicked? Deep Breath. Fear not.

Life is beautiful, and you can continue eating all of the sweet delicacies the world has to offer if you just make a few simple, but profoundly-important, adjustments.


Good Sweeteners:

Raw Honey

Stevia Leaves & extract

Coconut Blossom Sugar

Maple Syrup (used in small amounts)

Using RIPE fruits

Dried fruits (dates, raisins, prunes…)

There’s more if you keep experimenting and looking!


Controversial Sweeteners:

Agave – this one was touted as the sweetest sweetener with no side effects, but then abruptly lost its positive reputation. Inform yourself, and use consciously.


Crap Sweeteners:

White sugar

Brown sugar

Cane sugar

Highly processed honey (kills all the good stuff)

High fructose corn syrup


High maltose corn syrup

There’s more on this list too…



Doing things right INCREASES pleasure, enjoyment and quality of life. You get to eat sweets, be healthy, keep a strong body, have mental clarity, be free of addictions, AND keep both your legs. YIPPEE!

Bonus Fact:

Want to get the MOST out of your sweets? Cleanse your taste buds.

That’s right. Those lil’ guys have been salivating and savoring for 20-something years, at least! They need a break and a reboot sometimes. And once you cleanse them, they taste everything x 10!

It’s like taking a magic pill that makes everything so vivid and delicious, except its really healthy for your whole body and is completely natural.

Whats the solution? A detox or cleanse! Preferably a green juice cleanse.

If you’re eating foods all the time, and especially high sugar foods, then your mouth might be numb, and just like a drug addict, need a higher and higher dose to feel something.

As you give your body time and space to heal itself and cleanse itself, it comes back stronger, more vivacious, and more sensitive.

Once you taste something sweet with a clean palate, you’ll be able to really EXPERIENCE it.

Get Clean. Live Free.


The Challenge: Go to a grocery store, health food store, or farmers market this weekend and purchase a healthy sweetener you’ve never tried before. Then, prepare or cook something with it.
If you’re already a pro and have something like stevia at home, make something to share with a friend who hasn’t tried it yet and don’t let them know there’s no sugar in there until after they’ve tried it!

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