WisdomBite – How to turn from “poor me” into “YES! I’m so awesome.”

Stop Feeling Angry and Start Being Awesome

You know how sometimes someone says something that NAILS IT so well that you just have to whip out your phone and write it down?

Here’s one of those moments straight from NYC Personal Trainer, Jimmy P! We were talking ’bout life when suddenly he goes…

“I used to be mad about where I’m at and that life’s not how I want it to be – but then I realized that I haven’t put the work in yet to get the results that I deserve.”

My jaw dropped right down. And as if that wasn’t enough he then goes…

“The only way to know that is to be honest with yourself.”

I know there’s a lot of wise-guys in NYC, but this guy is WISE.

At that moment i realized that everything i’m “mad” about in life not being “right” …well, its not some kind of unfair punishment or insurmountable obstacle…its actually FULLY within my hands to change. Hearing that felt so freeing. And I’m thinking this might be true for all of us…what do you think?

Here’s a question to ask yourself:

What in my life am I mad about or frustrated with for not being the way its SUPPOSED to be?


Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.16.03 PM

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