Pain – Embracing the Ugly Duckling of Your Growth.

Pain is the number one feeling we want to run away from.

Be it physical, emotional or mental – can you think of anything else we squirm away from more?

Do you have an inner pain that is so subtle that it’s barely noticeable, especially since you’ve learned to live with it for so long?

It might be like an inner tension in your solar plexus or belly, a knot in your throat, or a buzziness of anxiety that’s just chillin in the background at all times.

If so, keep reading.
If not, check out this Green Smoothie Recipe.

If you stop and reflect, you might see that a lot of your energy is exhausted on keeping this pain AWAY. It’s a lot of work.

Perhaps you might feel like, “WHY WON’T THIS JUST GO AWAY?!”
You got all your other ducks lined in a row, so why not this?
So you run from it  – you run from your pain.

What were to happen if you stopped, and turned around and looked this little, neglected, demonized, also-exhausted ugly duckling in the face?
The more you run, the more it has to chase you. You’re both probably exhausted.

But it can’t leave, because there’s nowhere for it to go.
All it can do is transform into a big, beautiful swan. And that’s probably what it wants to do, but it can’t until you let it get close enough to reveal itself to you, and with that, also its gift!

Make Friends (2)

Here’s an alternative way to interact with your pain:

Locate the pain.
Feel it.
Ask it to reveal its gifts and lessons to you.

It might not be instantaneous, but the act of asking is powerful.

Turn this pain from foe to friend, allow it to deliver its message, transform, and be on its way. Ask it what it wants to share with you.

If the pain is there in the first place, clearly there’s something you haven’t understood yet that would enable it to unravel and transform. If you DID have “the answer” and followed it, the pain would be gone. It’s not just there to torture you.

Have you ever tried something like this before? What was your experience? Share in the comments!


I’m a certified health coach – not a psychologist or psychiatrist or spiritual leader.
I am just a regular ordinary human being learning to live with herself, and excited about sharing the little “AHA-moments’ I have that make my life easier. This article on pain is such an AHA-moment. Perhaps you’ll find something in them of value for your own personal AHA! If not, happy you stopped by anyways! If you find yourself experiencing abnormal levels of any kind of pain, please see your doctor.

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