TRAVEL: 3 ways to stay Fit & Healthy FOR FREE in LA

Perhaps you are in Los Angeles and don’t want to get a gym membership for the week or two you’re there. Understandable.
You have the option of buying 1-time classes, at pretty steep prices. Like Soul Cycle for $36 a pop.

If you’re travelling on a budget, or just love free stuff, there’s other wonderful options all over LA. Here are 3 of them!

1. Runs/jogs/bikes/walks on the beach + promenade

There’s so much space for you to just…move. Cartwheels in the sand! Jogging on the shore – which is better for your back, compared to the asphalt! Rent a bike down the promenade! Run into crowds of seagulls just standing on the beach, facing the sun as it sets – can you imagine, these guys WATCH the sunset…everday! We could TOO!

photo (37)

2. Santa Monica Stairs

Yes, your ass will look DYNAMITE after these stairs. This is an LA classic – locals come here all the time, there’s always someone (usually quite a few people) doing the stairs. It feels good – community team spirit.
It might even be possible to meet some locals who are huffing and puffing up’n’down these stairs as you bond over your sweaty situations!

3. HIKE!

There are so many great hike spots and trails in LA.
a super famous and popular one is Runyon Canyon.
Another great hike that’s relatively close to Santa Monica is Temezcal Canyon.
Bring your music, go at your own pace, and enjoy the view at the top!
photo (38)

Where do you work out on vacation? How do you do it? What about when you travel for work?
Got tips and tricks — share them in the comments! We all need to crowd-source our nomadic-genius! 🙂

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