Travel Guide: LA for Vegans

Fav Vegan Places in LA

Juice Spot: Moon Juice

I wish it were possible to leave this description blank, because Moon Juice leaves me…speechless.
As a talkaholic, i rarely shut up, but this place deserves my silence.

They are not just a juice bar. They are a friggen apothecary.
Where everything is so cute and special, that a Japanese Harajuku girl might faint with excitement.
Tiny bottles with elixirs, magic jars with ‘dusts’ (powdered herbal blends), little packaged raw foods snacks, and a truly pharmaceutical list of cold pressed juices and fresh shakes.

Despite being a noob-herbalist, pro health coach, and aspiring future witch-doctor, i don’t know what half of their ingredients are because they are on an advanced herbal healing caliber. At most, I’ve heard of them, but i can’t tell you exactly what they are and what they do.
Have you heard of Shilajit? Schisandra? Ormus? Polygala?
Don’t be put off. We’re ALL noobs in there, and thats truly half the fun! (the other half is asking for samples of everything!)

As a toob (true-noob), going in there is an educational experience, and that feels really stimulating. So now not only are you getting yummy food, and doing it nutritiously, but you’re also getting an education. Triple-Threat – that’s hard to beat.

When in doubt, ask questions to the ever-so-helpful and knowledgable staff and ask for samples. Try new things. This is the final frontier in the juice world, and all you healthy cowgirls and cowboys better buckle up for a wild ride!

My Favs: 

  • Spiced Yam Juice
  • Choc Mint Smoothie
  • Egyptian Hibiscus
  • Liquid Ormus Tonic (yes, this looks and tastes a little…different…but it apparently helps with lucid dreaming, and that sounds…FUN!)

But don’t stop there… try the Probiotic Mango Lassi, or the Silver Strawberry made with Colloidal Silver. Btw, that silver is great because of its anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties.

Vegan Restaurants: casual – Cafe Gratitude

If you need to go somewhere that feels like home, this is the place. The atmosphere is amazing – everyone in there seems to be glowing, and you will too once you eat there.

The food is the kind of vegan-fare that you could take your non-vegan friend to, in order to PROVE, once-and-for-all goddamnit, that we are not crunchy kooks. Their food tastes whole-some, healing, and yet includes creative and fantastical flavors.

Also, their price points are super-solid for an organic and vegan restaurant. Yes, the smoothies are $10, but you can also just get a main course for $14, and skip the smoothie.

My Fav: The Whole Bowl. It’s probably the most satisfying “bowl” I’ve ever had.

P.S. Leave room for their outrageous desserts, that are displayed when you first come into the restaurant.
P.P.S. This is a GREAT date spot.

fancy – Shojin

Holy Smokes. And I don’t say smokes here casually. Many of the sushi rolls at Shojin, an all vegan Japanese restaurant in Culver City, LA are LITERALLY SCORCHED. It has that smokey campfire flavor. Its nucking futs! It’s AMAZING.

When you were a kid, did you ever take out the doughey middle part of the bread and roast it in the flame of a candle at restaurants? I did. It tasted phenomenal. Unfortunately my mom didn’t agree about the benefits of this genius idea and kept stopping me. Alas, you can have EXACTLY the same flavor…on your sushi.
And this isn’t just run-of-the-mill casual sushi. Every little grain of rice here is so perfect, so round, sticky, yet crumbly. It’s not just a rice-mush. You can feel every single grain on your tongue.

Must Try:
Dynamite Roll
Pirates of the Crunchy Roll
Baked Scallop Roll (scorched right at the table with a flame device – i’m serious!)

Downside: Desserts not so great.
Upside: It’s an organic restaurant.

P.S. this restaurant also exists in Downtown LA.

Vegan Snack: Coconut Jerky at Rawvolution

Do you miss the experience and texture of eating fried or grilled calamari? Cry No Mo’. The next best thing is a vegan option: The Coconut Jerky at Rawvolution, which tastes like…calamari. It’s a cafe/restaurant full of amazing raw foods, shakes and juices has curried coconut with cashew mayo that my friend and i got TWO orders of in a row. And they’re not even small portions. This stuff is amazing.

While you’re there, get the ‘Smore bar from the dessert display. It’s made in Long Beach, and my local yogi friend from Long Beach once took me to the original place where it sells there as a “Destination Buy” because we travelled just to get it. It’s THAT good. It looks a little underwhelming compared to its outstanding flavor, but don’t be fooled. It’s …soooo….gooooooood.
photo (39)

Vegan Hangout Spot: Santa Monica – Main Street

Here we have just an entire street full of the best restaurants in raw foods and vegan foods.

There’s juice bars galore, like Pressed Juicery, the Thai Vegan place across the street from Urth Cafe that sells juice too, and juice at LifeFood Organic.

LifeFood Organic also rocks the raw food scene, as does Rawvolution. There’s also One Life Natural Foods Grocery Store that sells everything a vegan, natural foods, and raw food junkie could need to get a fix!  Those are just to name a few…

This whole area is basically the best cluster-fuck of vegan jizz-fantasy you could ever imagine. Get balls deep in that kale and green juice, baby.

Vegan-friendly Nomad WorkSpace: 212 Pier

This is a cafe that has …A LOT of character. And is itself home to LOTS OF characters.
Imagine 3 rooms of humble brown tables, dispersed over two floors. Each spot is taken up by a computer-junkie, leaching life-blood from the nearest outlet plug – which there are lots of. Looks like most people are working…or doing something with a lot of busy-body attitude. But in a super chill, semi-disheveled California way.

Even tho it always looks full, there is always a spot. There is also a walk-up bar to order breakfast/lunch/dinner and all kinds of snacks. This place is SUPER vegan friendly, and has tons of amazing vegan options. You can just sit here and zone into the interwebs for hours.

Tried and tested:
Tofu Scramble – solid scramble.
Vegan Muffins – pumpkin chocolate chip – ridiculous)
Chocolate Caramel Cups – like reeses’ but with caramel, which is made out of sweet potatoes. the bomb.

Have Fun In LA! and if you have any questions or need a recommendation, or even better if you have a suggestion, Share It In The Comments!

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