3 Secret Reasons Winter is Hot in Russia

Iceland sounds like a shitty place to go, based on its name.
Greenland sounds like paradise, based on its name.
Perhaps this was a smart ploy to keep the masses off their gorgeous island paradise Iceland, and keep it a secret.

Same thing can be said for Russia.
No one complains more about Russia than Russians.
Especially winter in Russia.

FullSizeRender (11)

I thought all their pouting and shouting was true.
But then my beach-loving-bum found itself in the capitol of Mother Russia…in December.

What I found out has marvelled me…. Russia Is HOT in Winter!!!!
They must all want to just keep their secret to themselves, sneaky Russians!

Here are the top 3 reasons why it is so….

  1. Russians like to get naked in winter, and sweat together: The Famous Russian Banya, aka Russian Sauna.

    It may be freezing outside, but you don’t need to be in Russia. You can join your friends or your family in the Banya, which is a russian type of sauna. Да! Peeps do rock these funny hats to protect their hair and heads from the extreme heat!
    There’s lots of different kinds, and there’s a whole ceremony around it where you also have tea, eat food, and steam your pores wide open.
    Then you can jump into freezing water, get beaten by bundles of wood – a process that is known to detox the body through your skin, or have a scrub-down (like at a korean spa).

  1.  Ain’t no sunshine, winter so long…so Russians gotta bring the heat themselves.

    No sunshine is gonna shine to make Russians feel happy for 8 whole months of the year. Thats why they have to make themselves happy. The weather may be cold, but to counteract, the people here bring the heat.
    Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.39.51 PM
    People are constantly looking for ways to have fun, to connect, to do something new. Like the senior citizens who go to the park in winter, to dance! That makes for pretty great, self-starting, fun-loving folk. No wonder people say no one parties like Russians do.

  2. Russians offer the BEST winter-wonderland experience, that’ll keep you on the move to experience it all.

    Russians own ice-skating. There’s rinks everywhere, and in one of the most popular parks they freeze half the park’s pathways into ice, and then everyone skates around the park to music. FUN.

    When not skating, Russians can be found inside sipping endless flavors of chai (tea) with exotic flavors of traditional Russian varenia (aka, jam) – they eat wild strawberry, seabuckthorn, feijoa, or black current jams like it’s no big deal.

    Being active, people WILL *still* get hot and sweaty. Its actually pretty fun – you’re all toasty inside, and just a lil’ bit of ur face gets a nice frosting. Hot/Cold Therapy.

There’s always something to learn in a new country and a new culture.
Russian winter invites us to learn self-sufficiency in our inner strength. Without it here, it’s hard to survive.

With the polar vortexes supposed to hit again this winter, this might be a good moment to take a note from the people who have been polar vortexing since the ice-age melted away everywhere else but here (and Canada).

Did this PSA about Hot Russian Winters excite you? Did you learn about a new perspective on winter? Share this article with a friend!
Or better yet, come visit Russia – just email me and i’ll pick you up from the airport. Offer stands for this winter, 2014/2015.


One thought on “3 Secret Reasons Winter is Hot in Russia

  1. I really like what you discovered so many interesting things in Russia. I jlove Russian bania ))))!!!! You can improve your health there . Well, skating in the winter is just great !! I advise you to sgo to the Rassen ballet and ask uours uncle Volodya to go with you in the Theater. you’ll be pleasantly surprised, because he’s familiar with all artists)))

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