Why Your Shampoo is Destroying Your Hair. (Even the expensive brands)

Your shampoo might be destroying your hair because it’s made of silicone.


What is silicone and why is it used in beauty products?
Silicone molecules are large enough that they won’t be absorbed into the skin when used in creams – but will be a carrying agent for other elements that will.

Silicone is used in hair products because it makes your hair look shiny. Even after the first wash. It seems true – from my experience at least.

So what could be BAD about GOOD-LOOKING hair?

Well, like the evil witch in snow white, silicone can make you look excellent on the outside, but disguise the destruction and distress on the inside – which it massively contributes to.

The truth is most evident to product developers, such as Kevin James Bennet, who’s article on the Argan Oil Hype (like that MORROCAN OIL brand) reveals some chilling truths!

“The real issue here is that the cumulative benefits you’re getting from a product is actually a cosmetic band-aid. I agree, it will make the hair “appear” smoother and frizz-free almost immediately, but with repeated use,  the silicone builds up and becomes increasingly harder to remove with just standard shampooing. This buildup eventually repels the moisture and nutrients your conditioner is trying to deliver to the hair shaft, leaving the hair severely dehydrated. Also, if not removed correctly, the silicone buildup creates an occlusive barrier on the scalp which suffocates and strangles hair follicles and makes hair fall out…NEVER to grow back again.”


I can just think of all the hair follicles i must have killed in my high-school Herbal Essences + John Frieda craze.

What about you?

GREAT NEWS: There ARE things you can do.

1. READ YOUR LABELS. And educate yourself about the most common ingredients. Kevin James Bennett’s Article is an amazing crash-course in the simple, ugly truth under the complex words of ingredient lables. It only takes 3 minutes to read.

2. FIND NATURAL SOLUTIONS: Keep an eye out for the article “3 Best Natural Solutions for Hair Care” to find out more. [coming soon!]

3. INFORM YOUR LOVED ONES: wish you knew sooner? let your friends know, NOW, before it’s too late. Share this article with them.

photo credit: <a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/stendueland/12251462895/”&gt; Sten Dueland </a> via <a href= “http://photopin.com”&gt; photopin </a>  <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/”&gt; cc </a>

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