3 Reasons Why New Years Resolutions SUCK and the #1 best alternative. 

Here’s why New Years Resolutions BLOW the big one…and what to do about it, fast.

(I suspect you already felt this somewhere inside yourself, but let’s put some words to your intuition!) 

1. They’re constrictive:

  •  You either make or break it. And if you break it once, it’s like the whole resolution goes down the drain until the next year.
  • It’s doubtable that you will do something perfectly for 52 damn weeks. Where’s the flexibility and buffer space and rebound opportunities?

Constriction Constipation Face

2. They’re outcome oriented, and not in the good way.

  • An outcome can have 2 forms: one is as a direction and the other is as an assigned meaning. 
    • The danger of assigning outcomes a meaning is that you become a slave to your outcome, to obtain the meaning which you bequeathed upon it.
    • If an outcome is just a direction, then you are gonna go for it with your all – but you’re also open to life coming in and co-creating with you…as your dance partner. 
  • Perhaps life has a better plan for you. If you’re so stuck on your own outcome and what it will mean about you, you might miss out on a lot of beauty that life wants to share with you because you’re narrowly focused and inflexible.
  • Also, if you don’t get your desired outcome, you’re likely to either hate yourself or the world for sabotaging you, being a failure, not being good enough, and being out to get you. Big Bummer.

Outcome Orientation %0AAffliction

3. They’ve failed you for as long as you can remember.

  • Haven’t you made resolutions for the past 20-some odd years? And how’d it go? I’m betting, not great. (Unless you’re a magical unicorn who was born with the resolution-gene, in which case, rock on!)
  • For the rest of us mere mortals, resolutions are just a flimsy platform that we subconsciously already know has failed us before. 



Create a VISION. 

  • A vision is awesome because you can’t fail at it or succeed at it.
  • A vision is a living, breathing metamorphic essence, with which you engage in a relationship.
  • You adjust the vision as you go, and it moves you too.
  • It’s breathes life and inspiration into you, and you breathe creation and direction into it.


It’s beautiful.
It’s a dance.
It has no boundaries.
It truly is not in a box or any container because it’s ORGANIC.
It can grow a new part any time, or shrink, or change shape any moment. It’s magical.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 3.30.34 PM


Even if you have the FULLEST, most specific vision, the sheer fact of its “aliveness” means it always has space for God, Life, The Universe, Higher Power to join you, and dance with you.
It takes you to higher heights and broader horizons.

We may be afraid of emptiness, but emptiness is the requirement for receptivity.

You can’t receive into something that is full and has no more space.

  • Resolutions can be full with no space. Tight. Edgy. Unyielding. 
  • Visions can be full and still have space. Ready to receive. Ready for synchronicity. Ready for your deepest desires to speak through you. Ready for divine inspiration.

Ready for all of you, as you grow and change. 


So fück your resolutions this year, ladies and gents, boys and gals. 

Let’s dance the dance of life with VISION this year. 

Wondering how to make a vision for 2015? Read about “How to Create a Vision for 2015: what coaches in-the-know do differently to start the new year, and now you can do too!”

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 4.28.01 PM

all photographs from Bells Design of http://www.gratisography.com/

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