How to RocketLaunch Your 2015 with a Vision

2015 is going to be awesome, and the degree of awesomeness is in your hands.

Main Takeaway: You want to consciously create a VISION for the year ahead.

How:  You can do this by going through a simple journaling ritual + a vision board.

Top 5 Reasons Why

  • Because if you want a specific experience, feeling or creation to occur… you have to see it, feel it, believe in it…and put it into the Universal GPS.
    If you don’t tell the world what you want, it can’t give it to you. And don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child…if you want the “wrong thing,” the Universe will course-correct you, itself.
  • Don’t be afraid of picking a direction, it’s not a blood contract.The secret is that it’s not even about the OUTCOME and getting exactly what you want – it’s just about the journey and enjoying it as much as divinely possible!
  • This process helps to bring consciousness to your choices – choices which you will inevitably make anyways.
  • It’s not about WHAT you do, this is about the HOW of life – how you choose to enjoy life.
  • Visions are way better than New Years resolutions. New Years resolutions make it really easy to just “fail” once – and then it’s done. Visions naturally keep you on the horse, you can’t really call off…you just stay on the horse. Or maybe there is no horse at all. Ya dig?

If you DO want to start the new year with a VISION, here is the practice that I and my bestie used this year. And we’re both coaches, so we’d like to believe we know what’s up! Trust me…I’m a health coach! Haha! 

The Deets: 

Step 1: Create a Sacred Bubble

  • Create a sacred environment for your sacred communion with the Universe. You’re about to co-create together, consciously. It’s like making love. Sure, you can do it behind the bleachers…but isn’t it just nicer with some candles, incense and good music?
  • Same thing here. Create the setting. Whatever you have available at home will work, it doesn’t have to be a big production. For example, I found some sage and a yummy scented candle. You might also have incense available, or some glitter, or flowers, crystals, or inspiring pictures. Put this around yourself. 
  • Visualize a spirit bubble around yourself and your sacred space. It can look kind of like a giant, fantastical soap bubble. It functions as a portal outside of the rules of our everyday reality. Make pretend – kind of like when we played as kids.
  • Inside this bubble, name what kind of values, qualities or feelings you want to experience. For example: trust, safety, love, compassion, bliss, joy, forgiveness, acceptance.Say them outloud: “I invite JOY into this bubble”.
  • You can also do some interior decorating. My friend, also a coach, and I did this together and we decided we wanted some pink magic crystals and humming birds in our sacred space. We envisioned it.
  • Write down all the qualities (and decorations) you called into your space on a piece of paper. This step grounds your vision, and you can keep this paper in the center of your space.

2: Imagine All the Possibilities 

  • Get a piece of paper (or a few) and draw a few circles/bubbles. Start journaling all the possibilities of what could happen in this coming year, in bullet point form, in those circles.
    • EXCEPT …do it all in past tense, as if those things already happened. It could be totally random, like: “learned Spanish,” “learned HTML,” “volunteered at local animal shelter once a week,” “met my soulmate,” “won the MVP award at work,” “launched my own business,” “forgave my parents,” “fell in love with myself,” “moved to Hawaii,” “practiced a Random Act of Kindness commitment,” “ate 10 tons of organic kale.”
  • Get a highlighter and circle all the bubbles that are NON-Negotiable in one color. All the stuff that you just know MUST BE in this year.Get another highlighter and circle a few more bubbles that seem a little scary, perhaps “not realistic” or you don’t know how to make em happen – and circle ’em too.

3. Journal the Story

  • Write a journal entry, from the day December 25, 2015. It’s your diary from the future. And you’re writing about the year, as it happened, based on the things you circled. Include how you FELT when these things occurred, or didn’t occur.
  • example: “I can barely believe I now speak fluent Spanish, but diary, it’s totally crazy, I DO! This year in May all the financial resources, logistical moments, and my confidence magically came together – and by June I was in Barcelona, lisping away with the best of them for 2 months! I wouldn’t have believed it, but it happened, in ways that were better than I could have imagined. I felt so free, confident, sexy and capable in Barcelona – even while I was totally lost in a new city. I still felt like a superstar rockstar supernova.”

4. Make a Vision Board

  • Get a bunch of magazines and start cutting out pictures that speak to you. They might literally reflect parts of your vision, or they might just resonate with you and you’ll know inside that it’s the one. you can also cut out words. Or you can get fancy and print some pics you like.
  • Yes, theoretically you could make a Pinterest vision board. But there’s a magic to doing it the old-fashioned way – by hand. You’ll PHYSICALLY have it around – and let’s be honest, how often are you going to look at your Pinterest board??? Do the physical real one, and a Pinterest one additionally for fun. There’s nothing like a hand made craft.
  • Then arrange your images on a painting canvas, or super thick cardboardy paper.

FullSizeRender (25)The arrangement process is a zen practice in and of itself. It’s pretty amazing and hard to believe until you live it, but the vision board builds itself. It takes on a life of its own and expresses something deep within you that your thinking mind couldn’t even force. Ride the wave, go with the flow – imagine you’re making a Japanese flower arrangement…and don’t worry about the outcome. It will tell its own story.


My own vision board turned into two fields of red and then green. I would have never thought that. It expresses a vision of sensuality, passion in red and nature, herbs in green. Who would’ve known that in addition to all my tangible elements of my journaling practice, that this is the overall FEELING that I want to manifest in the coming year. I wouldn’t have know this about myself had I not built it with my own hands and seen it with my own eyes.

FullSizeRender (27)

Celebrate your vision board! Take a picture and share it in the Coach Antonia Facebook Page, or post it on the comments below. Also, flaunt it on Instagram and tag @coach_antonia so I can marvel at your work.

FullSizeRender (26)


Happy 2015

Coach A 

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