4 Easy Steps when your Environment makes you feel like a stagnant, sloppy, grand piece’o’POOP

Feeling like a shapeless, stagnant, confused BLOB?

Main Takeaway: Recognize the environment, which is impacting you to feel impotent, dull, and heavy, as a gift. Navigate this time with compassion.

Our Environments have a BIG influence on us. 

We are not made of impenetrable steel. 

We are human, and part of our beauty is in the DANCE we dance between ourselves, and our surroundings: including people, places, and circumstances. 


  • Sometimes the people around us can be a giant distraction. 
  • Sometimes they have really gross energy that makes every room feel like a stuffy tomb.
  • Sometimes their aggression, irrational moods, and distraught manner leaves you wondering how the hell to politely respond or create boundaries, in a loving way, when you just want to yell: “GET THE EFF OUTTA MY SPACE!”Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


  • Sometimes the sky is gray for days on end. 
  • Sometimes the weather is so cold, you can barely get out of bed in the mornings – and spend an hour getting inspired to crawl out on …ahem…Facebook.
  • Sometimes the air in the city you live in is so polluted, and the streets are full of dirt and grime.
  • Sometimes nobody smiles on the streets, and have really droopy, unhappy faces.
  • Sometimes you’re in a place where there is no food that you love to eat.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


  • Sometimes the shower available to you makes you feel dirtier after you used it, than before it.
  • Sometimes you don’t have any of your clothes which make you feel comfy, and like you. 
  • Sometimes you don’t know where to go in a new city to get your basic needs met, like where to hit up some yoga, where to buy some clean food, where to buy even toilet paper – everything is a huge project.
  • Sometimes you don’t know how to get around from point A to point B in a new city – and its a huge project, too.
  • Sometimes you don’t feel safe moving around your new city by yourself after dark, which can be after 5 and drains like 1/2 your day.



SOMETIMES you just feel like a piece of hapless POOP, aimlessly spinning in circles in a toilet to nowhere!

And SOMETIMES, it aint just YOU. It’s whats around you, and what influences you. 

WHAT DO YOU DO when you’re painfully outside your comfort zone, in an ENVIRONMENT that makes you feel so heavy, like you’re wearing a lead snowsuit?

    1.  EMBRACE IT

  • accept the situation as it is.
    recognize and remember that its not your shortcoming or fault.
    its not the time to hate yourself for “if only i were stronger…” or that you’re somehow not ENOUGH – happy ENOUGH, smart ENOUGH, fast ENOUGH.
  • make peace with and befriend the situation.
    literally call it out, and say  HELLO to it.
    “Hello Circumstances which are making me feel upheaved and floaty. I see you. I understand you are not me. But are currently impacting me right now. Thank you for being here. I’m sure you have some gifts for me. I am ready to receive them in right timing!”


    2. SLOW DOWN

  • a lawyer once told me to stay positive, but to “adjust my expectations.” Great phrase, right?
    Adjust your expectations of what’s possible during this time, and the pace at which you can do things  – even if your ego has to take a backseat for this.
    Hold yourself to this new standard.
    It might feel like the world will fall apart, and that you gotta keep pushing, but it won’t! (trust me, i’m a health coach 😛 )
  • Go back to basics. 
    tune into the smaller successes of life, like the fact that you brushed your teeth that morning.
    Be grateful for water.
    For Food.
    For your Breath.
    For the Sky.



  • There’s no need to suffer in silence.
    Perhaps you have a friend who won’t mind being a sounding board, or just listening.
    Perhaps you could benefit from a therapist.
    Perhaps you just need to JOURNAL.
    Even if you feel isolated in your physical location, if you have internet (which you most likely do, unless you’re in Cuba), you can reach out to ol’ buds or a coach or a therapist from Skype.
    Take action.
    Stop expecting yourself to be perfect all the time and perfectly rise to the occasion in the most perfect way, for perfect’s sake!
    You’re allowed to be a messy human.

and style

     4. GO FOR IT 

  • There IS at least ONE obvious gift in such situations: the opportunity to learn discipline. Discipline has gotten a bad rap in the past years, and i’ll raise my hand up first to admit a big-time resistance to it, but there’s truly something to it.
    Why do you need it? Well, because its true: in your current circumstance, shiz ain’t gonna fall straight into your lap as easily at first, as it might elsewhere where you know everyone, the sun always shines, and the high speed internet is truly high speed. 
  • Motivation won’t just always BE THERE waiting for you.
    It WILL be too cold outside to go outside, but you’ll still have to go outside if you want to do yoga once a week.
    To create change in your life, you gotta make new habits – and the key word here is truly MAKE. You gotta take action to create something where there was nothing before. Discipline helps here, when motivation has disappeared. 
  • Make an easy-going plan that values CONSISTENCY over quantity or craziness.
    Even if its doing something once a week, or making sure you drink 1.5L of water everyday – its SUPER VALUABLE and key here, during these times.
    Get the basics REALLY rock solid.
    Its easy to let them fly by the wayside when all other grand stuff isn’t making your life exciting. STILL, brush your hair. STILL, brush your teeth (and not just in the morning.) STILL, do 10 pushups every hour. STILL, find a way to do a Random Act of Kindness for another person. Do the BORING STUFF because it will SAVE YOUR LIFE and create the right conditions to lift you back up. This is why discipline is important. To save your friggen life when you yourself don’t even feel like it.



It my feel like you are treading through a plutonium pool of heavy metals to get the standard of life-quality, routine, and happiness that you are used to otherwise – in other times, in other places. That which doesn’t kill you, truly makes you stronger. 

everything is temporary. REMEMBER THAT. Even your “suffering.”

Tweet this.

So when you go back to where the livings easy, you’ll be 10 TIMES the superstar you were before.
It’ll be like having learned to do pushups while wearing a 30 pound weight. Now that the weight is removed, you’ll be able to do 300 pushups like it AIN’T NO THANG!

You’re going to grow your adaptability muscle.

Yes, it feels hard during this training time, but anytime you ever move anywhere else again, or hit a funk again, you’ll be THAT MUCH MORE prepared for how to handle the situation.
It won’t knock you off your feet anymore.
You will be a stronger, wiser version of you to handle and navigate the same challenges with more ease.
It will feel easier not because “it” changed, but because you did!


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.58.57 PM







photos from: http://getrefe.tumblr.com/  & http://tinyurl.com/qzn3jev

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