Why You Absolutely Must Sleep with a Teddy Bear Again!

156H (3)

A quick google search online will show you headlines that state what should be obvious, but is sadly neglected or forgotten in our society , like…

  • Hugs Lower Blood Pressure
  • Hugs Reduce Stress
  • Hugs Reduce Anxiety
  • Hugs are Healing

According to Positivemed.com, “A study found hugging reduces worries and fears, even fear of death. The study also found that hugging a non-living object like a teddy bear or pillow can produce the same result.” 


Hugs are, in fact, SO good for you – and it really don’t matter what you hug.

‘Course you might like it more with a breathing being, but don’t be picky! 

A hug is better than no hug.
A cuddle is better than no cuddle.

What Is a Real Hug?

The average hug between people is apparently a measly 3 seconds.
Research shows that a hug can only truly reveal its full-effects of healing at 20 seconds.

This is what most of us do to hug people, but is actually a Straight Up Shitty Hug:

Alison & Kelli

Here is what a REAL HUG looks like – yes, squish up all into each others arms:


This year someone gifted me a stuffed lamb as a gift, and one day it was just hangin’ on my bed, and I randomly decided to give it a cuddle and fall asleep like a wee-babe with it in my arms.
It seemed strange – but it was an intuitive reaction, and it just felt GOOD.

I made it a habit. 

A week or two later, i coincidentally saw a study saying that in fact it is so good for us to hug and cuddle, that they truly recommended sleeping with stuffed animals…AS ADULTS.  


So, you might be too cool for SkOoL and all….but might you consider investing in a hassle-free fuzzy friend and sleep with a teddy (or lamb?)

Perhaps you have a wonderful soulmate that warms your bed. Make sure ya’ll are going the extra-mile to get all ovaaaa each other! Take time for cuddling. Seriously.

Perhaps you sleep solo…in which case, you (like me), might adopt a lamb…or bear… or lil’ dragon.

Re-discover the long-lost joys of sleeping with a stuffed animal. It Really Rocks.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.58.57 PM

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