What to Do When You’re Homeless – and how to deal with any situation that’s rubbing you the wrong way.

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I’m homeless.
Has that ever happened to you?

Picture this:
You’re living with your relative in a foreign city.
You go on a weekend trip, on a train…overnight train.
On your way home, your relative calls you in the middle of the night.
They say, “Hey, I’m sick with an extremely contagious and unpleasant disease, and you can’t come home for 21 days!”

Where do you go?
What do you do?

Well, in my case, i arrived at the train station at 6am, and called my cousin who graciously let me come to his house. Now am in a hotel temporarily, until i figure out what to do for the remaining 20 days.

So imagine you’re left suddenly homeless, in a foreign and expensive city.
no notice.
no sleep.
nowhere to go.
no plan.
no desire to become a burden to other local relatives.

no access to your things.
no clothes.
no work stuff.
no beloved blender.
no vegan rabbit food.

no PJs.
no undies.
no socks.
no extra $.

You could choose to be …pretty pissed. moody. Huff&Puff.


You could say… “What if i had CHOSEN this situation and created it, intentionally? Why did i choose this? What do I love about it?”

In response you might realize….

YES. I’ve fantasized ’bout moving-out anyways.

YES. I can experience how i am supported no matter what.
YES. I get to feel the exhilaration and rush of adventure.
YES. I get to feel like a backpacker and on the road again.
YES. I get to feel resourceful and scrappy.

YES. I get to spend some extra time with my cousin.
YES. I get to live in a hotel, and realize that i don’t want to live in a hotel, and how much i want my own place.
YES. I created the perfect opportunity for the Universe to put me into a new, better home for me.
YES. I created an impetus and justification to buy some new underwear (and maybe socks!) 

Next time you are in a situation or circumstance that you don’t like, today, IMAGINE that you had CHOSEN it, and ask yourself,
“What did I want this? What is the gift in this?”

Then FOCUS on the answer.
And we all know simple maths: Energy + Attention + Intention = Your Reality.

DON’T SLACK! Try It Now!
In the comments write one sentence about a situation that you dislike or are resisting.
Imagine that you had actually chosen it, and write why you might have done that, and what there is to enjoy about it.

love always


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