The REAL Reason You’re Mean to Yourself

You’re probably worried about yourself.

  • Why aren’t you good enough?
  • Why did you just make the same mistake, again?
  • Why aren’t you better?
  • Why is everyone else getting it, but you?
  • Why are you so unlovable?

You’re not wrong, bad, unlovable, or unworthy.

You’re Vain.

Or, to be accurate – you’re behaving vainly.

Self Criticism is a heightened form of vanity. Tweet this.

You’re obsessing over yourself.
Whether its positive or negative, is irrelevant.

Did you fuck everything up again?
Nobody gives a shit (they’re too busy on Instagram.)
Get Over It and Yourself. Move On.

Great News!

Vanity is not WHO you are. It’s a learned and appropriated behavior.
You can begin to shift your inner dialogue by becoming aware of it.
When you notice it you can either say…
 “Oh shit, i’m doing it wrong, again, oh god, i’m a helpless case, and i’ll never get anything right in my life, and even if i do, it will all go to shit anyways, and yes my mean mom was right about me…” 
You can just STOP. Stop giving a shit about what the mirror, mirror in your head says about you and how terrible and incapable you are. 

Say to yourself, “I’m currently being extremely vain, for which i immediately forgive myself, and am choosing to transform right now.”

Change the Frequency on Your Self-Talk Radio.

HOMEWORK FOR TODAY: Pay attention to what goes through your head, and notice the moments when you have the choice to drown in judgmental thoughts about yourself OR to stop giving a shit. Make a choice. Make it consciously.

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