10 Innovative + Easy Ideas for a Fun VDAY (single or partnered)

1. Classic: Take a Bubble Bath

Time Investment: 30 Minutes
Supplies: Organic Bubble Bath Soap, Bathtub, Clean Water
The Gist: Soak. Relax. Touch Your Sexy Soapy Self.

2. Foodie: Chocolate Making Ceremony

Time Investment: 15 Minutes
Supplies: Raw Cacao, Coconut Oil, Coconut Sugar or Agave, Fav Playlist
The Gist: Get into the kitchen and make yourself or someone you love some raw chocolates.
As you make them, listen to your fav’ tunes and visualize love pouring out from your heart, through your hands, and into your chocolate!

3. Badass: Write a Love Letter to a Stranger

Time Investment: 10-30 Minutes
Supplies: Paper, Pen, Envelope, optional: stickers and glitter
The Gist: Write a love letter to a complete stranger you’ve never met. Write everything you wish for them in their life, how you wish they would feel about themselves and value themselves, and how you imagine them to be. Address the envelope with smth like “Finders Keepers” or “Love Letter from a Stranger” and either leave it in a very easily accessible public place, like a coffee-shop table or on a subway seat!

4. “Free Hugs”: Make Candy Grams with Cute Notes and Hand them Out in a Public Place

Time Investment: 30 minutes – 2 hours
Supplies: Organic candy, baggies, colored paper, permanent markers, ribbon
The Gist: Fill up little bags with candy and add a handwritten note – hand them out to strangers in public and wish them a Happy Vday!

5. Adventure:  Spontaneous “Weekend Getaway” within your own city

Time Investment: 30 minutes (to book) – 2 days (to enjoy)
Supplies: Creditcard, AirBnB, Pajamas
The Gist: Check yourself into a new home for the weekend. Pamper yourself when there – watch movies, order in from fancy places or new places, and just relax for all of Saturday+Sunday. Single? Invite friends over for a slumber party – or just finally enjoy some quality alone-time and some sleep!

6. Ballsy: Use Tinder to go on 3 Tinder Dates

Time Investment: 20-60 minutes to find + set updates
Supplies: Feel-good outfit
The Gist: Just go out with random strangers, have a good time, and don’t take it (too) seriously! Go get some vegan ice cream together, hit the movies, or even try some bowling!

7. Romantic: Buy yourself some SUPER SEXY underwear or lingerie

Time Investment: 1-2 hours
Supplies: Credit card
The Gist: Go shopping for hot undies. Preferably made from organic cotton, and fairtrade. Wear them all year and remember how you’re a bottomless pit of pleasure!

8. Arts+Crafts: Vision Board of Love

Time Investment: 1 Hour
Supplies: Magazines, cardboard/thickpaper, scissors, glue, some fantasy
The Gist: Create a Vision Board that speaks to the kind of ways you want to experience LOVE in the next year. It can be a mini-board, no bigger than your own head! Put it on your altar, or hang it on your mirror!

9. Feel Good: Make a donation to a Kickstarter campaign that your heart feels called to

Time Investment: 30min – 1 hour
Supplies: Paypal + laptop
The Gist: Check out all the passionate work coming from the hearts of people worldwide, on Kickstarter, and link your heart up to theirs and offer them a vote of confidence and support in their dream!

10. Indulgent: Order Every Dessert On the Menu at your Favorite Restaurant or Dessert Spot

Time Investment: 1 Hour
Supplies: Hunger, Fork
The Gist: Go into your fav. spot to eat, and order every single dessert on their menu. If you must, order it to go so you can go home and pig-out in private. You can take one bite of everything, and then go-deep on the top 2-3 options.
(pssst! I did this once at PeaceFoodsCafe – a delicious vegan restaurant in NYC. It was legendary. Their biscuits – o.m.g.)

Upload your experience to instagram and be sure to tag @coach_antonia so I can peep your love-ly day!

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.58.57 PM

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