How to OWN the Mornings When Traveling

Dear WorldChanger
You travel, because your Mission is taking you places.

Yes, it’s so fun.
I know, I once slept in over 50 beds in just 10 months.

But every coin has two sides, on planet Earth – and therefore the very things that provide us the MOST fun, can also become the very things that leave us the MOST drained.

Without a clear morning practice over several days of travel, you can start to feel increasingly scattered, exhausted, un-grounded, and completely neglect your self care. 

Just like you KNOW to be true when AT HOME, the MORNING is what sets up the WHOLE rest of your day.
Why would it be any different on the road?

When you set up your morning right, you can experience…

  • a good mood
  • mental clarity
  • higher energy levels
  • groundedness + calmness
  • inspiration
  • a deeper connection to yourself
  • that magical flow when the day works out just right
  • sharper alignment with your goals, intentions and priorities
  • inertia to continue taking more healthy, productive, life-loving actions over the rest of the day…
    (like eating well, being kind to others, and believing in yourself and your power to change the world.)

Above is a quick video that guides you through  5 steps of a morning practice that you can complete ALL WHILE STAYING IN BED!

STEP 1: Head Massage
STEP 2 : Child’s Pose
STEP 3 : One Minute Meditation
STEP 4 : Gratitude + Intention
STEP 5: Hug + Shake

These are all great elements that you can choose from an play with to start your morning when on the road.

Do all 5, or pick just one – and try it!

See what happens!

Do you have any routines, rituals, or even superstitions that help you out when you’re traveling? 
Whats worked for you in the past? 
Share so we can all learn from each other! 

If you know someone who travels a lot on their #WorldChanger Mission, send them this blog post, so they can have even more strength and energy to Change The World.

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