I choose to work with #WORLDCHANGERS.

They are people who are literally changing the world.
My mission is to connect them with each other, and coach them on their health and lifestyle, for maximum impact on their #WorldChanger Mission.

So Who and What is a WorldChanger?

They’re people like…

Jonathan Connors

His mission and passion is to show us how we can turn this economy around from sinking us and the environment into debt and destruction, to community strength and consciousness.

How? This crazy guy is about to Ride A Bike ACROSS ALL OF AMERICA – to spread his message. You can check the mission out, here at his IndieGoGo Account 

People like…

Lolita Taub

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.00.17 PM
She’s on a journey of creating a TRIBE, where everyone is a Chief and guides, teaches and inspires each other.

She has  travelled the world, interviewing female entrepreneurs to create a COMMUNITY for Future Female Entrepreneurs. Each interview shows the next generation of women that YES, they CAN be Entrepreneurs on their own terms, and live the lives they dream of!

All her interviews are about to go live this summer – watch out for BADASS inspiration, of the global kind. Check her website here.

People like…

Prince EA

He knows how to spread our Millennial Heart’s Message with VIRALOCITY!
He makes music and inspirational videos that ask us to question the notions and habits we take for granted.
He inspires us to take a stand for the things we often complain about, yet take no action on.
He puts words on the Spirit and beat of our own hearts, and lets us hear our own deepest feelings – out loud.
Here’s one of his videos about the environment:

Are you a #WorldChanger? 

I want to know you and who you are! 

Lets get you connected with the global-gang and find out how to best support you in your unique #WorldChanger journey! 

Comment your name, website, and state what your #WorldChanger Mission is, in the comments. 

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