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I can’t tell you where I’m “from” in the classical sense. I know it might sound cheesy, but I feel like a “Child of the Earth” – the other version is that “I’m just not from anywhere,” and that just makes me feel depressed.

I was born in one country, grew up in another (where I went to an international school with people from all over the world), went to Uni in 3 more, and have since then lived in another few, in addition to 6 months of pure backpacking.

I speak 5 languages (and counting) and there’s nothing more valuable and pleasurable to me than connecting with others.


I was your regular gal: shopping, shoe addict (6” heels, anyone?), gettin’ tips, flirt machine, dancing all night up in da cluuuub.

My favorite food: hamburgers or shashlik – for real.

My passions? I didn’t really especially care about anything, and i never had “a favorite subject/class” growing up. All I wanted was to “hang out” and have fun.

I hated nature, i loved cities, and I wanted to be an LA-type hottie with a convertible Mercedes and I wanted a nose job.

My vision of the future? Become a self-made billionaire as a badass businesswom – and “be hot.”


When i was 21, *something* happened.

To this day, i can’t tell you what it was.

It’s like a switch went off, and nothing has stayed the same since.

My body rejected all animal products – one day to the next.
My body also completely rejected all alcohol and drugs.
I started feeling elated, happy, and joyous all day.
I got these urges to put my hands on people, because i felt like something magical would happen – like a healing.  (But i never did for over a year because i thought everyone would think i had lost my mind.)

As a result…

I started eating completely differently – i got into raw foods, not knowing that it was a “thing”- until i found it it had a name months later.
I became a green juice and smoothie pro.
I found out about Reiki as i was searching for an answer to the weird impulses about healing with my hands.
I became interested in where my food came from.
I decided i wanted a farm.
I started doing yoga, hot yoga.
I became PASSIONATE – SO PASSIONATE about everything, but especially health and wellbeing.


My friends couldn’t recognize me.

i think many of them felt like they had “lost” their great friend and expressed it to me in a lot of different ways – some of those moments were very painful.

I spent months in a lonely limbo where my old amazing friendships no longer made sense as they had been.

Even my family was extremely worried and thought i’d been abducted by a cult. Ironically, they feared me drinking wheatgrass shots and meditating, but had always been so proud when i wore 6” heels, came home puking drunk, and worn skirts barely covering my bum (well, they’re Russian … but, still!).


This story has a happy end, and a new beginning!

 My old life and the transition phase came to a halt. They’ll forever be remembered fondly, because even though i was practically the opposite of how i am now, i loved my life as a party girl and am grateful for those times.

No regrets, surprisingly.

Moreover, i didn’t toss out the baby with the bathwater and i did keep my major love of having fun – its just about diff stuff now.

My friends and i eventually transitioned into new, different relationships that took a lot of heart-to-hearts and seriously creative navigation, but we’re all still friends – just in new ways. And i have so many new friends now, who are amazing too and share my passions and world views, and new ones keep rolling in as I grow and develop.

My family has come around to me being something like a vegan and wanting to be all green, talk about metaphysics and spirituality, and farm. I had to come out of the “green” closet to them and just flat out tell them about who i am now. It took some time.

But now my dad is trying a vegan diet (who knows for how long, but at least he’s trying at all). My mom and i talk about spirituality. My brother, a comedian at heart, lovingly makes fun of my ‘rabbit food’. My cousin has asked for raw-dessert classes for him and his new gf. And my grandma is my biggest fan of my smoothies.


I dove headfirst into 2 years of vigorously and passionately studying and experimenting with everything I could get my hands on about healthy vegan and raw living, as well as spirituality and alternative healing.

I had 21 years of dormant passion to fuel me, so it was easy.

in 2011 I decided to sign up for IIN: the institute for Integrative Nutrition.

It’s where i was trained to become a health coach.

I knew i wanted a way to share all the amazing gifts i had received from the universe and all the life changing blessings that had been bestowed upon me.

It felt TOO GOOD to keep it to myself – you just can’t keep something like that a secret.

I graduated on December 28th 2012, 1 day before my 24th birthday, and haven’t looked back since.

And here i am now – at your service, ready to help you with your own awakening and life transformation in any way i humanly can!

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