I choose to work with #WORLDCHANGERS.

They are people who are literally changing the world.
My mission is to connect them with each other, and coach them on their health and lifestyle, for maximum impact on their #WorldChanger Mission.

So Who and What is a WorldChanger?

They’re people like…

Jonathan Connors

His mission and passion is to show us how we can turn this economy around from sinking us and the environment into debt and destruction, to community strength and consciousness.

How? This crazy guy is about to Ride A Bike ACROSS ALL OF AMERICA – to spread his message. You can check the mission out, here at his IndieGoGo Account 

People like…

Lolita Taub

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.00.17 PM
She’s on a journey of creating a TRIBE, where everyone is a Chief and guides, teaches and inspires each other.

She has  travelled the world, interviewing female entrepreneurs to create a COMMUNITY for Future Female Entrepreneurs. Each interview shows the next generation of women that YES, they CAN be Entrepreneurs on their own terms, and live the lives they dream of!

All her interviews are about to go live this summer – watch out for BADASS inspiration, of the global kind. Check her website here.

People like…

Prince EA

He knows how to spread our Millennial Heart’s Message with VIRALOCITY!
He makes music and inspirational videos that ask us to question the notions and habits we take for granted.
He inspires us to take a stand for the things we often complain about, yet take no action on.
He puts words on the Spirit and beat of our own hearts, and lets us hear our own deepest feelings – out loud.
Here’s one of his videos about the environment:

Are you a #WorldChanger? 

I want to know you and who you are! 

Lets get you connected with the global-gang and find out how to best support you in your unique #WorldChanger journey! 

Comment your name, website, and state what your #WorldChanger Mission is, in the comments. 

How to OWN the Mornings When Traveling

Dear WorldChanger
You travel, because your Mission is taking you places.

Yes, it’s so fun.
I know, I once slept in over 50 beds in just 10 months.

But every coin has two sides, on planet Earth – and therefore the very things that provide us the MOST fun, can also become the very things that leave us the MOST drained.

Without a clear morning practice over several days of travel, you can start to feel increasingly scattered, exhausted, un-grounded, and completely neglect your self care. 

Just like you KNOW to be true when AT HOME, the MORNING is what sets up the WHOLE rest of your day.
Why would it be any different on the road?

When you set up your morning right, you can experience…

  • a good mood
  • mental clarity
  • higher energy levels
  • groundedness + calmness
  • inspiration
  • a deeper connection to yourself
  • that magical flow when the day works out just right
  • sharper alignment with your goals, intentions and priorities
  • inertia to continue taking more healthy, productive, life-loving actions over the rest of the day…
    (like eating well, being kind to others, and believing in yourself and your power to change the world.)

Above is a quick video that guides you through  5 steps of a morning practice that you can complete ALL WHILE STAYING IN BED!

STEP 1: Head Massage
STEP 2 : Child’s Pose
STEP 3 : One Minute Meditation
STEP 4 : Gratitude + Intention
STEP 5: Hug + Shake

These are all great elements that you can choose from an play with to start your morning when on the road.

Do all 5, or pick just one – and try it!

See what happens!

Do you have any routines, rituals, or even superstitions that help you out when you’re traveling? 
Whats worked for you in the past? 
Share so we can all learn from each other! 

If you know someone who travels a lot on their #WorldChanger Mission, send them this blog post, so they can have even more strength and energy to Change The World.

Make Mornings FUN





Does this Morning Routine Sound Familiar?

  • Does waking up ever just feel like a pond of hungry piranhas are come for you – snapping at your sweet slumber?
  • Is the alarm going off for the 10th time?
  • Is the daunting idea of a cold room, or darkness still in the window, sooo uninviting?
  • Do you want to grab your phone to distract yourself from the thoughts that come pouring in, hungrily, clamoring for your attention? Instagram check? Morning Selfie?

    What If There’s A Fun Way…

  • What if there is a way to wake up, that no one has told us about before, and we didn’t even think was possible?
  • What if there is a way to MELT into the Morning, and GREET the day in sweet surrender to its gift?

    I just discovered this AMAZING morning ritual practice that you can do in bed, and i HAD to share it with you. peep the video. 

    It was in an article on TheNuminous (a website for material girls living in a mystical world) that featured Rochelle Shieck – who created a movement system called Qoya.

    What are some other morning rituals that make your mornings AMAZING?

    Share Them In the Comments – dont be shy!
    Lets Learn From Each Other!

    Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.58.57 PM





    Photograph From:
    Spell Holiday 13/14 Look book California Dreaming
    Shot by Zoey Grossman

10 Innovative + Easy Ideas for a Fun VDAY (single or partnered)

1. Classic: Take a Bubble Bath

Time Investment: 30 Minutes
Supplies: Organic Bubble Bath Soap, Bathtub, Clean Water
The Gist: Soak. Relax. Touch Your Sexy Soapy Self.

2. Foodie: Chocolate Making Ceremony

Continue reading 10 Innovative + Easy Ideas for a Fun VDAY (single or partnered)

The REAL Reason You’re Mean to Yourself

You’re probably worried about yourself.

  • Why aren’t you good enough?
  • Why did you just make the same mistake, again?
  • Why aren’t you better?
  • Why is everyone else getting it, but you?
  • Why are you so unlovable?

You’re not wrong, bad, unlovable, or unworthy.

You’re Vain.

Or, to be accurate – you’re behaving vainly.

Self Criticism is a heightened form of vanity. Tweet this.

You’re obsessing over yourself.
Whether its positive or negative, is irrelevant.

Did you fuck everything up again?
Nobody gives a shit (they’re too busy on Instagram.)
Get Over It and Yourself. Move On.

Great News!

Vanity is not WHO you are. It’s a learned and appropriated behavior.
You can begin to shift your inner dialogue by becoming aware of it.
When you notice it you can either say…
 “Oh shit, i’m doing it wrong, again, oh god, i’m a helpless case, and i’ll never get anything right in my life, and even if i do, it will all go to shit anyways, and yes my mean mom was right about me…” 
You can just STOP. Stop giving a shit about what the mirror, mirror in your head says about you and how terrible and incapable you are. 

Say to yourself, “I’m currently being extremely vain, for which i immediately forgive myself, and am choosing to transform right now.”

Change the Frequency on Your Self-Talk Radio.

HOMEWORK FOR TODAY: Pay attention to what goes through your head, and notice the moments when you have the choice to drown in judgmental thoughts about yourself OR to stop giving a shit. Make a choice. Make it consciously.

Eating healthy is boring, expensive and plain… Or Is It? 

Healthy Living has some old, stale PR from the days when eating your overcooked peas was recommended as a good idea.

Thanks to the mis-guided ol’-school, from the days when doctors even recommended cigarettes for throat aches, your idea of what healthy living looks like could be out-dated. 

Lets get you up to date, easy and fast, about what it looks like to be healthy TODAY. 

OLD: Eating healthy is boring!

Broiled chicken with steamed broccoli. Over and over again.
More steamed vegetables. Plain rice. An apple.
And then having to count the calories to all of it.

WOW! That sounds like a NIGHTMARE!

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.35.54 PM

NEW: Eating healthy is a fun, fresh and innovative! 

Pulled, pickled and jerked carrots with peanut mole sauce on carrot waffles.
Spinach Mille-feuille with grapefruit ricotta and smoked pistachios. (available at Dirt Candy in NYC)
Sweet Potato Brownies

Need I say more?

Vegan Sweet Potato Brownies Gluten Free (1)

OLD: Eating healthy is expensive. 

Yes, i know those crazy farmer’s marketers who charge $8 for a single round, fat and juicy heirloom tomato – but times’a’changin.


NEW: Healthy food is becoming democratic.

A must-have for all. It’s access is becoming a social rights issue: have you heard of food deserts, food racism and environmental racism? These are issues that aren’t just being swept under the rug anymore. 

On the individual level you can: 

  • grow your own food (not kidding),
  • sign up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture – you sign up for a farm and they deliver the season’s bounty weekly to your house),
  • cook at home and have potlucks with friends,
  • build relationships at the farmers market and get great deals.


OLD: Eating healthy is plain. 

Healthy Food used to be its own cuisine. Gross Lean TV dinners that required microwaving. SlimFastShakes that tasted every bit as chemical and over-processed as they were. Color- and flavor-less lettuce, with an over-processed fat-free sauce. 


NEW: It’s a holistic approach to life.

Healthy food is no longer a weight-loss industry buzzword.
It’s an approach that engages the senses in selecting, cooking, and enjoying food.
It’s about whole-foods.
It’s about eating seasonal, local, organic and heirloom.
It’s about learning to beauty of prickly pear and nopales in SoCal and discovering your winter roots and seasonal microgreens in NYC. And everything in between!

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.34.50 PM

Who defines what eating healthy means?

 WE DO. 

Lets CHOOSE and CLAIM the most heavenly, nourishing, and pleasurable experience of the word we possibly can! 

Andalé my peoples! Eat Well!

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.58.57 PM

What to Do When You’re Homeless – and how to deal with any situation that’s rubbing you the wrong way.

FullSizeRender (30)
I’m homeless.
Has that ever happened to you?

Picture this:
You’re living with your relative in a foreign city.
You go on a weekend trip, on a train…overnight train.
On your way home, your relative calls you in the middle of the night.
They say, “Hey, I’m sick with an extremely contagious and unpleasant disease, and you can’t come home for 21 days!”

Where do you go?
What do you do?

Well, in my case, i arrived at the train station at 6am, and called my cousin who graciously let me come to his house. Now am in a hotel temporarily, until i figure out what to do for the remaining 20 days.

So imagine you’re left suddenly homeless, in a foreign and expensive city.
no notice.
no sleep.
nowhere to go.
no plan.
no desire to become a burden to other local relatives.

no access to your things.
no clothes.
no work stuff.
no beloved blender.
no vegan rabbit food.

no PJs.
no undies.
no socks.
no extra $.

You could choose to be …pretty pissed. moody. Huff&Puff.


You could say… “What if i had CHOSEN this situation and created it, intentionally? Why did i choose this? What do I love about it?”

In response you might realize….

YES. I’ve fantasized ’bout moving-out anyways.

YES. I can experience how i am supported no matter what.
YES. I get to feel the exhilaration and rush of adventure.
YES. I get to feel like a backpacker and on the road again.
YES. I get to feel resourceful and scrappy.

YES. I get to spend some extra time with my cousin.
YES. I get to live in a hotel, and realize that i don’t want to live in a hotel, and how much i want my own place.
YES. I created the perfect opportunity for the Universe to put me into a new, better home for me.
YES. I created an impetus and justification to buy some new underwear (and maybe socks!) 

Next time you are in a situation or circumstance that you don’t like, today, IMAGINE that you had CHOSEN it, and ask yourself,
“What did I want this? What is the gift in this?”

Then FOCUS on the answer.
And we all know simple maths: Energy + Attention + Intention = Your Reality.

DON’T SLACK! Try It Now!
In the comments write one sentence about a situation that you dislike or are resisting.
Imagine that you had actually chosen it, and write why you might have done that, and what there is to enjoy about it.

love always


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