Make Healthy Fun Experience. 

      • You’re a #WORLDCHANGER, on a Mission to live, love and make an impact. Your Mission is taking you places: you travel, are nomadic and live in multiple places. You love adventure and exploration.

      • You desire habits and rituals that help you feel grounded in the excitement of it all.
      • 6 Week Course

      • Investment: 2 Payments of $450

 Tell Me More.  

You aren’t a total n00b about “health,” but there’s a lot of information out there that even contradicts itself.
You’re tired of feeling like you’re missing out on the energy, glow and feel-good that come with healthy living.
You want the energy to DO IT ALL.
But…most people don’t get your lifestyle, and between traveling and trying to save the world, you’re too tired to figure out where the closest yoga studio is.

This is your chance to go on a one-of-a-kind wellness and pleasure adventure with Coach Antonia to discover what kind of foods, exercises, and daily rituals will work for you.

You’ll figure out what works for your busy, international lifestyle, and how to live it without dogma.

You might think you should be able to figure it out on your own.

You’re right:  The answers are all inside of you.

But you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, alone.
In fact, together we’ll be working to access the miraculous wisdom that lies deep YOU and only you.
As your Coach my job is to ask you the right question. My mission is to guide you to the treasures hidden within you, that have the power to transform your life.

  • This is for you if despite your biggest desire, your schedule seems like a 24-7 non-stop flood of action, and finding time to take care of you is a puzzling mystery.
  • This is for you if you want to do a lil’ reconn about what all this new agey meditation and organic foods craze is about, and find out how it can serve you.
  • This is not for you if you’re totally not open to new things or spirituality.
  • This is not for you if you just want to TALK-talk-TALK, without taking ACTiON.

Why Can Coach Antonia Help Me In This? 

“I transformed my own life from a bona-fide party girl to a natural and plant based, free spirited young woman.

I spent 2 years hungrily diving into my own personal transformation, before spending a year studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Since December 2012 I’ve been working as a certified health coach and inviting people to discover how FUN healthy living can be – it’s not our grandma’s steamed broccoli and SlimFast.
My clients love that I bring “fun, empathy, and enthusiasm” to the experience – and that’s ’cause I LOVE sharing this process with you.”

– Coach Antonia


To celebrate your journey, at the completion of your course, Coach Antonia will gift you a custom digital vision board that reflects your core health desires to help anchor your vision for the future.

But What If I Don’t Digg It?

Worried you wont like it?  If after your second session with Coach Antonia you feel that this isn’t the best fit for you, you can easily terminate the program and receive a FULL refund.
Coach Antonia wants only the best for you, and if you’re not the best match – she will support you in your choice 100%.

Sign up now for a quick Discovery Call to explore how working with Coach Antonia can help you Make Healthy Fun, just like you’d love it to be.

What you get:

  • Time Frame: 6 weeks
  • 30 Minute Complimentary Discovery Call
  • 1 Visionary Call x 90 minutes.
  • 5 Action Calls x 45 minutes.
  • Email Support in between sessions.
  • Information on local-to-you resources, support groups and events
  • Free educational materials
  • Resource Recommendations: including books, inspiring thought leaders, recipes.
  • Bonus: custom vision board


Know this is for you?

Purchase the Package and Schedule your first session.

Investment: 2 Payments of $450
Pay Here
But First…Let’s Talk About Your Questions! 

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