How To Find Your 3-Dimensional Beauty (and release the hidden toxic lie about your appearance). 

This WisdomBite is About Your Relationship to Your Own Appearance
This Bite will make sense for you i’ve you ever…

  • felt worse about yourself when you see an “ugly” picture of you
  • felt validated, excited, and good about yourself when you saw a gorgeous picture of yourself
  • questioned your own beauty
  • got stuck staring at other people’s radiant Facebook photos or InstaGram photos and wondered what it would take for your life to be that great too
  • practiced posing for pictures, like in Selfies, so you can “look good”

Man or Woman, Child, Mermaid, or Goat …. everyones wondered whether they are BEAUTIFUL, at least once!

We often find ourselves searching for our reflection in images. Like pictures, or videos.

Have you ever know a gorgeous guy or gal who consistently looks like crap in photos? Or do you know someone that’s a photo-queen – even robotically so? These photos don’t reflect the TRUTH we experience in real life, right? Thats because in pictures we only see a 2 Dimensional representation of ourselves. 

The question becomes: is much of our attention and consciousness wrapped up in a world where 2 Dimensional Beauty rules supreme? What do you think? Have you seen this in your own life? How do you feel when you look at a magazine and its images of “reality”, or even an advertisement, or somebody’s expertly curated Facebook page? Especially when you might feel that in “flattened pancake form” you never seem to look as perfect as the professional models, or InstaGram’s Most Popular, or your friend with the best pictures ever- and Lord knows you try, so why doesn’t it work?

This would all be ok, if we were 2 Dimensional Beings. The reality is, WE’RE NOT! We’re at least THREEEEE Dimensional Beings. By flattening ourselves down into a 2-Dimensional world, and then worshipping that world, we’re missing the whole fun of our multidimensional reality.

You don’t have to live in a 2-Dimensional World with 2-Dimensional Pains and Problems. You can live free in MulitDimensional Fun! Want to actually ground this truth into your reality? Then, follow these simple 3 steps to get started!

1) TAKE ACTION: Make a choice!

You can see it as choosing between a 2 dimensional world which is a sliver of the reality available to you, but may somehow feel safer since you don’t have to put any skin in the game of Life, and let’s be real, it’s kind of addicting

– OR –

A multidimensional existence, where you live the fullness of your being in the Present Moment, and shine out your unshakeable True Beauty as you claim your right to fully BE you.

2) Next time if you wonder whether you’re beautiful, close your eyes, and feel deep deep into yourself by following your breath.  Feel into THIS MOMENT, that you are in, and discover the fullness of your whole being. You’ll find the kind of beauty that nothing and no one can take away from you, because its IN you – it IS you.

3)  Affirm this for yourself: “I am a multidimensional being and I am choosing to experience my own multidimensional beauty TODAY.”

Beauty is in fact a CHOICE, and its up to you to choose if you feel like being beautiful today.

Spend the rest of the day taking note of how you feel about your own appearance as you go through the day. If you feel you need some more support or have a question, send me a message at – I’d love to help you.

Like what you read? Had an epiphany? Saw something from a different angle? Share it with a  woman (or man) you care about by telling them what you realized and sharing this WisdomBite with them right now.

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